Equity and Engagement Division

Isabella Bird Students

DPS strives to meet each student and staff members’ individual needs. The Equity and Engagement Division brings together five departments to support our Shared Core Value of Equity and to ensure that we do all we can to help Every Child Succeed.

Celebrating Cultural Moments

With equity as our core identity, we aim to celebrate the significant cultural moments of our students and staff, especially those that have not been historically and consistently recognized.

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Extended Learning and Community Schools

Extended Learning and Community Schools (ELCs) creates opportunities for school communities to engage and inspire Denver youth and families. We oversee many of the after-school programs in the district, serving around 8,000 students every year and increasing equity for our families in the district by ensuring students can be supported outside of the school day.

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School photoshoot at Isabella Bird in January 2020.

Culture, Equity and Leadership Team

The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team (CELT) strives to make DPS the best place for everyone to learn, grow and have a positive impact. Our diversity is a community treasure, and we believe there is a social and moral obligation to ensure that Every Child Succeeds. In order to collectively reach this vision, we must create a culture of equity, develop great teachers, leaders and team members, and build trust within the communities we serve.

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Family and Community Engagement

We are the FACE of Denver Public Schools. Family and Community Engagement (FACE) provides access to resources, information, education and support for everyone in the DPS community at any point in their life's journey, supporting our district’s 93,000 students and their families.

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DPS first day
North High School students

Native American Culture and Education

Native American students in Denver Public Schools deserve culturally responsive approaches and practices to support academic success and overall well-being. Native American Culture and Education (NACE) supports around 1,000 Native American/Alaska Native students in Denver Public Schools, many of whom experience two worlds in their day-to-day lives as they navigate the Denver community but still have a strong cultural identity with their tribal Nations.

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