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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the African American Equity Task Force (AAETF)?

The African American Equity Task Force was asked to develop and present a set of prioritized recommendations to help close the Opportunity Gap for our African American students and educators. The task force was made up of more than 100 parents, educators and community leaders who received guidance from an executive council made up of leaders in Denver’s African American community. The work was a significant time investment for community members. Click here to read more. 


This African American Education Network website was developed as a direct result of recommendations of AAETF, specifically under the Family and Community Resources category of recommendations.

What is the Black Excellence Resolution?

The Black Excellence Resolution, also known as BER, is the Resolution on the Excellence of our Black and African-American Students, passed by the DPS Board of Education in February of 2019. Click here to read the full resolution.

How do I learn more about how my school is prioritizing Black student success?

Here are a few tips to engage with your school’s focus on Black student success:

  • Set-up a meeting with your Principal
  • Join your school governance groups, such as the PTO/PTA or Collaborative School Committee
  • Create or join a school Black Family Group, such as a Black Family Advisory Council

What is a Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC)?

The Black Family Advisory Council is a call for Black and African American families, parents, guardians and community members of students in Denver Public Schools to give voice to the educational goals, needs and concerns pertinent to their children.  Engagement in Black Family Advisory Council provides opportunities at the school and district level  that is critical to the success of Black and African American students.

How do I get involved in a BFAC?

It is important to begin the process involving your commitment in the  Black Family Advisory Council by becoming familiar with information involving the Denver Public Schools and the Denver Public Schools Board of Education adopted a set of recommendations developed by the African American Equity Task Force followed by the Black Excellence Resolution highlighting the focus that presents,  “it is critical for Black families within  DPS to create school-level and district level Black Family Advisory Councils that give voice to the goals, needs and concerns of African American students, families and community members.”  

If interested in joining Black Family Advisory Council, please complete the BFAC survey here