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Denver Afterschool Alliance

We are a member of Denver Afterschool Alliance (DAA), a collaborative of the City and County of Denver, hundreds of community-based organizations, Denver Public Schools and local funders. Our membership allows us to gain access to outstanding professional development, networking opportunities, data collection tools and technical assistance from national leaders, supporting our high-quality afterschool programs.

DAA offers three lines of service: DAAlearnDAAconnect and DAAadvocate, to ensure that all Denver children have access to afterschool programs that keep them safe, inspire them to learn, and prepare them for the future.

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Providing afterschool professionals with custom supports and learning opportunities to improve program quality.

Providing afterschool professionals with custom supports and learning opportunities.

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Connecting families to youth programs & providing orgs with a free, online management system to track youth outcomes.

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Collaborating with funders, policymakers, community leaders and afterschool providers to create more equitable outcomes for youth.

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