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School photo shoot at Munroe Elementary in April 2016

ELCS Enrichment Programming

Enrichments are unlicensed single subject offerings mainly provided by outside companies that are DPS Community Partners. ELCS supports Enrichment programming at over 30 schools across the district, providing DPS students with various electives. Enrichment programming runs simultaneously with Discovery Link and is generally for the first hour after school. Students can attend Enrichment and Discovery Link on the same day as long as they register for both programs. The enrichment partners we work with cover subjects including but not limited to: Athletics, STEM, Art, Physical Activity, Science, Cooking, Engineering, Math, Reading, and Coding.

**Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year opened April 18th at 6am**

The Family Managed Calendar for August - December is open.

Discovery Link summer camp registration is open.

Enrichment Exploration Summer Camp

Enrichment Exploration Summer Camp is a single subject a la carte enrichment camp offered by ELCS. Sign up for one to four blocks for the day with some of your favorite enrichment providers. Students have the option to plan for a full day (four classes) of enrichment camp or as little as one class (1.5 hours). Choose from Physical Activities, Arts, STEM, Science, Cooking and much more throughout the day!



  1. Select “Your Site” as your location
  2. Scroll down the page select “Click to View Offerings” under the 2020-2021 Enrichment Programs

Winter Enrichments

Los sitios de subvenciones de ELCS ofrecerán enriquecimientos virtuales sin costo para todos los estudiantes que asistan a sus respectivas escuelas.

Ventana de Inscripción: 6 a.m. del lunes 4 de enero al miércoles 20 de enero

Plataforma: Google Meets

Materiales: Los tiempos y días de entrega de materiales se comunicarán para enriquecimientos que requieran materiales para completar el proyecto (por ejemplo, cocinar).



  1. Selecione “tu sitio” como tu ubicacion
  2. Desplácese hacia abajo en la página y seleccione “Haga clic para ver las ofertas” en los Programas de enriquecimiento 2020-2021