After School is Not an Afterthought

Why Afterschool Matters

After school hours can be filled with uncertainty for working families and are times when risky behaviors have been shown to increase for young people. Families often ask, “Where can my kids go? Will they be safe?” Afterschool programs provide a critical support where uncertainty becomes assurance and risk becomes opportunity. Afterschool is not an afterthought — it truly matters for Denver youth and families.

Denver Afterschool Alliance

The Denver Afterschool Alliance (DAA) supports hundreds of youth-serving organizations to improve programming, use data more effectively and engage in professional learning, while promoting policies and practices that create more equitable outcomes for Denver youth and families.

Denver Afterschool Program Locator

Quality after-school and summer programs help kids stay active, engaged and safe when they are not in school. The Denver Afterschool Program Locator provides information on programs offered to youth after-school and in the summer in the city and county of Denver.