Family and Community Engagement

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What We Do

We are the FACE of Denver Public Schools. Family and Community Engagement (FACE) provides access to resources, information, education and support for everyone in the DPS community at any point in their life's journey, supporting our district’s 93,000 students and their families.

Our Teams

Family Constituency Services

Family Constituency Services provides high quality services using culturally competent practices. We provide services to families, schools, and community members who need assistance accessing school and district resources, addressing concerns, and building skills to be strong partners in their students’ education. We have Spanish-speaking staff and have access to multilingual interpretation services.

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Compassion Academy
Superintendent Parent Forum 2017

Family Empowerment Team

We are dedicated to developing educated, engaged, and empowered parents and staff who are academic partners in student success. The three components of work the Family Empowerment team provides consist of: FACE professional development, Parent Empowerment & Leadership Training, and School-Based Family Engagement District Programs.

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Family and Youth Services

Family and Youth Services utilizes innovative strategies to support students, families and schools, leveraging a multi-generation approach and partnering with community organizations to provide whole child and wrap around supports and programming.

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Community Engagement

The Community Engagement team creates culturally relevant, transparent and authentic engagement strategies through consultation and strategic planning across the district. We are committed to creating shared accountability and decision-making through mutual trust with all of our community partners, families, students, school leaders and staff. Our approach is community-led and district supported, ensuring that those closest to the pain are closest to the decision-making. We are committed to honoring our communities through storytelling, listening to understand and creating community-driven processes across our family of schools. We also provide tools to create capacity across the district because we believe that community engagement is everyone’s responsibility.

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