Community Engagement Strategy and Advocacy


What We Do

The Community Engagement Strategy and Advocacy (CESA) team creates culturally relevant, transparent and authentic engagement strategies through consultation, strategic planning and advocacy across the district. We are committed to creating shared accountability and decision-making through mutual trust with all of our community partners, families, students, school leaders and staff. Our approach is community-led and district supported, ensuring that those closest to the pain are closest to the decision-making. We are committed to honoring our communities through storytelling, listening to understand and creating community-driven processes across our family of schools. We also provide tools to create capacity across the district because we believe that community engagement is everyone’s responsibility.

Community Empathy Building Through Different Engagement Tactics

We have the opportunity to engage our families, our staff, our students and the broader community in meaningful and intentional ways using multiple tactics. We support our DPS team members through thought partnership and resources available on the DPS Commons

Contact Us

Eloy Castro 

Senior Manager of Community Engagement Strategy and Advocacy

Adriana Peña

Lead Regional Community Engagement Partner

Superintendent Regional Engagement

Every year, Denver Public Schools hosts an opportunity for the Superintendent to communicate and connect with schools and parents district-wide. Regional Town Halls will be offered for all six regions: Far Northeast, Near Northeast, Central, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest.  Join us for fun and entertaining opportunities for the entire family! We will have games, performances, kids’ activities, music, table resources, and informational sessions. Childcare, breakfast, and light refreshments will be provided at no cost.  Interpretation will be based on request.

Superintendent Parent Forum

Meeting-In-A-Box Toolkit

A toolkit for district staff with engagement best practices and the tools to authentically engage communities. This is one of several resources that we provide to internal departments and schools to support their community engagement work across the district.

How-To Guide for Planning Engagement

This guide provides information about the logistics of planning community engagement, and is available to DPS team members.