Health and Wellness

Health-focused resources, education, awareness and training

Community, Research, Education and Awareness (CREA) Results and Denver Public Schools have partnered to offer access to health-focused resources, education, awareness and training for DPS Families. In this section, you will be able to find these resources through recorded trainings, informational videos, and written content.

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*All videos have been closed captioned to all consent decree languages (Spanish, Arabic, Amharic, French, Mandarin, Nepali, Somali, and Vietnamese)*

Past Videos

Session 1: Health & Wellness

From CO Public Health & Environment updated information on the COVID-19 Vaccines for Coloradoans. Information on the vaccine, and where to get it IF that is the right choice for you.

Video for Session #1

Session 2: Emotions, Enemies or Allies?

Family Counselor Marinela Maneiro-Goodwin discusses
emotions. Why do we feel emotions? How do we identify them? What are strategies to regulate our emotions? Find out here!

Video for Session #2

Session 3: Kids Nutrition

Miriam Garcia, CREA Health Promoter, discusses nutrition and the benefits of keeping up with good nutrition for ourselves and for our students.

Video for Session #3

Session 4: Fitness

Maribelia Avalos from MasFit gym discusses health, wellness, and fitness as a strategy to target stress and build resiliency. Come learn about exercise options with us in this session, and the many different ways it can be accessed even without leaving the home!

Video for Session #4

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