Voice and Value

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Strategies for Behavioral, Advocacy, and Partnership

In collaboration with the Behavior Barriers Team, we were able to design a series of trainings focused on providing support to parents/guardians in having an open dialogue with their child’s teacher around having a better understanding of student behavior and the school system overall. These trainings will equip parents/guardians with the knowledge and tools needed to become their student’s primary advocate throughout their educational journey.  

*All videos have been closed captioned to all consent decree languages (Spanish, Arabic, Amharic, French, Mandarin, Nepali, Somali, and Vietnamese)*

Past Sessions

Session 1: The Conversation

This session aims to support parents in understanding the importance and impact of self care, build confidence in behavior strategies, and feel better equipped to increase communication with schools ensure your voice is heard.

Video of Session #1

Session 2: Behavior Matters

Small actions can have huge impacts. This session will go a little deeper into the “why” behind a behavior, why this topic is important to be set up for success to have conversations with your school team as your child’s biggest advocate.

Video of Session #2

Session 3: Inequities, Relationships & Safety

Safety is you. This session with help us understand how perceptions impact our children, and the benefit of shifting our mindsets to become more curious about developing tools to better care for ourselves and our children.

Video of Session #3

Session 4: BBT & Student Discipline Training

Basic outline for how discipline is set up at Denver Public Schools. We will
discuss the matrix as the summary of student conduct and discipline, and the ladder which defines the steps a teacher should take to address a behavior offense.

Video of Session #4