Family and Community Helpline

The Family and Community Helpline is where anyone can call to receive assistance in navigating Denver Public Schools. Our goal is to address parent concerns in an efficient and effective manner to ensure excellent customer service. We recognize the importance of being your child’s advocate, and have knowledgeable staff to help you work through any concern that may arise during the school year.

Family and Community Helpline


Please call to get information on:

  • A school or community concern
  • School-related questions
  • Department or district resources
  • Coaching and training to support parents

Note: We have Spanish-speaking staff and have access to multilingual interpretation services as needed.

La línea directa para las familias y la comunidad es la línea a la que cualquier persona puede llamar a fin de recibir ayuda para abrirse camino en las Escuelas Públicas de Denver. Nuestra meta es abordar las inquietudes de los padres de una manera eficiente y eficaz, así como también garantizar una excelente atención al cliente. Reconocemos la importancia de abogar por sus hijos y contamos con personal capacitado para ayudarles a abordar cualquier inquietud que pueda surgir durante el año escolar.

Línea directa para las familias y la comunidad


Llamen para obtener más información sobre:

Llamen para obtener más información sobre:

  • Una inquietud relacionada con la escuela o con la comunidad
  • Preguntas sobre la escuela
  • Recursos de los departamentos o del Distrito
  • Capacitación y entrenamiento para apoyar a los padres

Importante: contamos con personal hispanohablante y tenemos acceso a servicios de interpretación multilingüe en caso de ser necesario.

Have a Concern?

We recognize how important it is to support your children. Whether there is a concern with your child’s grades, bullying, or anything else, we are here to gather more information and work with you and the school one on one to ensure your concerns are addressed.

Who should I contact first?

If your concern is with a teacher, speak with them first. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact the school principal. Please remember that school leaders have very full schedules and may not be available to talk with you at your convenience.

How should I prepare for my meeting?

Bring notes on what you would like to discuss. Ask for the school’s policy if needed and feel free to ask for clarification on the rules of the school.

How do we reach an agreement that works for everyone?

Propose solutions, but be open to other ideas. When a solution is reached, make sure everyone understands what they should do next. Practice active listening.

What is active listening?

Rephrase what you hear to make sure you understand. One example is to say, “It sounds like what you’re saying is…” By rephrasing what was said, we decrease the chance of a misunderstanding.

What if the teacher or principal are unable to help?

We encourage families to work to resolve issues at the school level first. If you cannot come to a positive agreement, please contact the Family Constituency Services department at 720.423.3054.

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