Multicultural Outreach


Bridging Communities

We strive to serve immigrants, refugees and multicultural communities through outreach platforms in 6-10 languages including podcasts, TV, newspaper, social media and internet. We support DPS educators, students and parents with community engagement and information, and partner on district-wide initiatives. We are dedicated to building trust, equity, teamwork, and collaboration. We are dedicated to recognizing, valuing, and supporting diversity.

DPS Voice

We support and assist as many people as we can within the DPS school district , parents , students, school leaders, educators  and cross departmental support by using multimedia methods such as Podcasts, electronic newspaper, digital story- telling movies, streaming on Facebook , YouTube, Vimeo, web and in person community engagement. Please contact Beto Gaytan via e-mail

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EDUCA Facebook

EDUCA Facebook serves as an ongoing source of information, resources, tools, and strategies for Denver Public School families and the community in general. We bring to light community aspects regarding education, physical and mental health, community services, and many other topics. We work in collaboration with different non-profit organizations and other social media.
For more information, please contact, or follow us on the EDUCA Facebook.

EDUCA Newspaper

DPS connects with Spanish and English-speaking parents about school policies, events and aspects in public education through both a radio program and newsmagazine. EDUCA Newspaper  is a quarterly bilingual publication that distributes 50,000 copies directly to DPS schools and is also available at the DPS School Supports building at 1860 Lincoln St. Parents, students and staff can enjoy staying connected to relevant education topics now in Spanish and English.

For more information, please contact, Nelvis Alvarez at, or phone: 720-423-3135.

Plazas Comunitarias EDUCA (EDUCA Community Places)

Plazas Comunitarias EDUCA is a program that we work in conjunction with the Consulate General of Mexico in Denver, NIAE (National Institute for Adult Education) and the Denver Public Schools, and is aimed at the Hispanic community over the age of 15 who want and need to learn to read and write and/or finish their elementary and high school education in Spanish. At the end of each level, an official certificate from the SPE (Secretary of Public Education) will be given and the course is free.

For more information, please contact Germán Gonzalez, Germá, or

La Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa (The Educational Guidance Center)

La Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa is an initiative in collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in Denver and Denver Public Schools.

Our goal is to provide information about educational opportunities in both Mexico and the United States, connecting the community with a network of organizations and educational institutions to provide information and resources that will help improve their quality of life.

For more information, contact Sandra Reza via email at

Multilingual Education District-Wide Advisory Committee

The goal of the Multilingual Education District Advisory Committee (MLE DAC) is to ensure that culturally and linguistically diverse families are equipped with the information, training, and support they need to be active participants in all school and district committees, initiatives and events.

The Multilingual Education District Advisory Committee (MLE DAC) meetings take place once a month. Parents are informed of their rights and responsibilities and information specific to the academic progress of English Learners and the Multilingual Education Program. For more information, please contact, Nelvis Alvarez at, or phone: 720-423-3135.

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District Accountability Committee

Colorado law requires boards of education to appoint a district accountability committee to ensure parental and community involvement in the district’s educational program.

The DAC meets once a month, generally the fourth Tuesday, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., August through May. Certain times of the year the membership for DAC is open and notices of those open periods will appear on this webpage.

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) has several responsibilities that it is expected to accomplish annually; procedures for the DAC are outlined in the following two policies: School Board Policy BDFG – District Accountability Committee and BDFG-R. These procedures are designed to be consistent with the general purpose and principles outlined in Policy BDFG, as well as consistent with federal and state statutes, and local ordinances. Multicultural Outreach supports these meetings. 

For more information, please contact, Nelvis Alvarez at, or phone: 720-423-3135

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