Denver Youth Employment Program

Youth Work Experience

The Denver Youth Employment Program (DYEP) provides youth access to workforce development, career exposure, and opportunities to further their individual passions and goals through foundational work experience opportunities with local organizations, businesses and other high growth industries. Youth receive support from the FACE DYEP Job Coaches and through mentorship and coaching from local leaders, business owners, and community members.

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About the Program

The Denver youth employment program typically consists of a 120 hour work experience with various employers representing a diverse array of opportunities across the City of Denver. Youth are required to complete a Job Readiness Training (JRT) prior placement and beginning their experience. DYEP is meant as an opportunity for youth to explore and be supported through their first work experience to ensure they have the skills to pay the bills. Youth are supported throughout their work experience to leverage financial literacy practices and soft skills learned in their JRT during their experience.

“Our youth were phenomenal. One was hired for Saturday’s at Whittier Cafe, another learned she needs 5 credits to graduate and has a plan to use concurrent education to get her culinary arts certificate to become a chef, and another working to sell her produce and jams at farmer’s markets.”

— DYEP Employer

“All of our [DYEP] youth continued working with us past their work experience and [DYEP] allowed us to invest in their success.”

— Metropolitan State University, DYEP Employer

“Our Public investments should be the vehicles to drive public good…our families and our communities will have access to the tools that will help them achieve economic mobility and build generational wealth. And our neighborhoods will be the beneficiaries of these investments.”

— Mayor Michael B. Hancock, 3rd Inaugural Address