Culturally Competent Teaching for Native Students

North High School students at desk

Culturally Competent Teaching for Native Students

Native representation is critical to building a culturally competent curriculum that promotes equity and inclusion for all students. Our Native American/Alaska Native students need to see themselves and their history in their educational journey. NACE develops training and resources to support schools in teaching American Indian history, culture and strategies for teaching Native students.

Courses offered

Lakota Language and Culture : Levels 1-4 

This is a course for high school age students taught at Denver Center for International Studies Middle School and High Schools, North High School  as well as East High School. Students learn the basic alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and cultural aspects of the Lakota language. Issues regarding the importance of preserving the language are addressed. The course syllabus is available at the Native American Culture and Education Department.

“We are sitting on our blessed Mother Earth from which we get our strength and determination, love and humility….

All the beautiful attributes that we have been given. So turn to one another, love one another, respect one another, respect Mother earth, respect the waters…

because that’s life itself!”

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