Native Student and Family Support

North High School HOPE Students

About Our Support

We are dedicated to creating space and amplifying the voices of our Native students and families in DPS. NACE supports our Native American/Alaska Native students through advocacy within schools and for individual students and families, as well as sponsorship of Native student organizations. We build partnerships within the community to co-sponsor activities, including Native cultural events, to improve equity for our Native American/Alaska Native students and help Every Child Succeed.

Native American Cultural Events

The Denver March Pow*Wow

The Denver March Pow*Wow started as a weekly event of the Denver Indian Center in 1974 and 1975. It was called the Youth Enrichment Powwow. In 1977 this cultural event was organized by a committee of Denver Native Americans United, Inc. (Denver Indian Center). Then the powwow committee operated separately from other committees of the Denver Indian Center. The Denver March Pow*Wow became a yearly event directed by this committee composed of a volunteer membership. This group chose officers to handle the large number of annual event activities. Membership on the committee is open to all residents of the Denver Metropolitan area both Indian and non-Indian.

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Denver PowWow

Resources for Community Members

Denver Indian Family Resource Center (DIFRC)

1633 Fillmore St., GL2
Denver, CO 80206

Phone: (720) 500-1020
Fax: (720) 479-8459

DIFRC provides Indian child welfare related services to American Indian children and families. Counseling, Indian social workers, youth groups, Nurturing Parenting Program and other services are available directly as well as coordinated services through other agencies.


Denver Indian Health and Family Services (DIHFS)

2880 W. Holden Pl., Denver, CO 80204

Services include: Well child check ups; immunizations for children and adults; care for chronic illness such as diabetes and high blood pressure; youth prevention services; substance abuse; victim services; mental health and community health.


Denver Indian Center, Inc. (DIC)

4407 Morrison Road

Denver, CO 80219

(303) 936-2688

Fax: (303) 936-2699

Native American employment programs for adults and youth, Head Start and early childhood education programs, Elders Program, Community Voices Gathering, Native Youth Program. Provide support for adult education, computer training and college/vocational training.

American Indian College Fund

8333 Greenwood Blvd.

Denver, CO 80221

(303) 426-8900

The American Indian College Fund provides scholarships and other support for the American Indian students.


Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce

924 W. Colfax Ave. #104F

Denver, CO 80204

(303) 629-0102


Kateri Catholic Community – American Indian Catholic Church

1020 Uphan St. Lakewood, CO

(303) 233-1523


Four Winds American Indian Council

201 W 5th Ave

Denver, CO 80204